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Base Enrollment Index

The following compiled enrollment index is for GUIDANCE

on the lineal descent of those persons listed on the Guion Miller Roll of 1906 (overturned) Sizemore descendants and the #417 denied Eastern Cherokee Nation applications (ECA) compiled with a valid date of December 31, 1910.

Additionally, persons who can demonstrate a direct descent from William Ephraim Sizemore and Margery Owen of the Piedmont and Tributary Indians of Virginia.


The following pages include the over 2000 applicants under the Sizemore Case #417, hereinto referred to as the WTN Base Enrollment Index.

Roll # Last Name, First, City, State 8543 Able, William E. Laurel Bloomery, TN 8544 Able, Melvina Laurel Bloomery, TN 8543 Able, William Johnson County, TN 40116 Abshee, Susan Rogersville, TN 12254 Absher, Rebecca McGrady, NC 12637 Adams, Jackson Ruby,VA 12638 Adams, John A. Grassy Creek, NC 12439 Adams, Catherine Rugby,VA 12106 Adams, James Andrews, NC 2900 Adams, Iler Yadkinville, NC 2901 Adams, Care Yadkinville, NC 2902 Adams, Henry Yadkinville, NC 2903 Adams, Hally Yadkinville, NC 8581 Adams, Jesse Grant, VA 40088 Adams, F. M. Yadkinville, NC 11692 Adelph, Pairlee Kanas City,Mo 17508 Akers, Riley J. Blask, W 14459 Akers, Cosettie A. Black, WV 14454 Akers, Evea M. Hiawatha, WV 40025 Altizer, Sarah Brier, WV 39340 Amy, Vina Eidson, TN 9989 Anderson, Earl H. Major, VA 9996 Anderson, Sarah E. Major, VA 102337 Anderson, Mania Springfield, NC 12965 Anderson, Naomy J. Burke, WV 8170 Anderson, Suhanner, WV 18645 Andrews, A. Lemes, NC 30517 Ashby, Joseph W. Danbury, NC 05183 Ashby, Levi J. Danbury, NC 30766 Ashby, Mary Danbury, NC 8576 Atwood, Edward Fairwood, VA 38785 Atwood, Finley Summit, NC 8577 Atwood, Garnet F. Fairwood, VA 17932 Atwood, Mary M. Roseville, GA 28223 Atwood, Rebecca J. Hamilton, OH 39700 Back, Sintha Seitz, KY 6382 Backers, Lettie Dixie,WV 6381 Backus, Mary Bela, WV 4114 Badger, Lottie Veron, NC 10488 Bailey, Anna Dett, WV 39232 Bailey, Bertha A Pinoak, WV 43325 Bailey, Jameson 35830 Bailey, Nancy J. GA 31830 Bailey, Louise V. Delhi OK 12990 Bailey, J.B. Nevada 12991 Bailey, V.V San Antonio, TX 43328 Bailey, Melvin C. TX 43326 Bailey, Numa W. Mercer Co, WV 36929 Baker, Charley E. 25852 Baker, Thomas OH 25329 Baker, Elijah Marion Patsey, KY 25330 Baker, Curtis Patsey, KY 13984 Baldwin, C.C. Grassy Creek, NC 13985 Baldwin, F.H. Sturgill, N.C. 13986 Baldwin, W.S. Sulligent, AL 13988 Baldwin, J.N. Lansing, N.C .13989 Baldwin, John Grassy Creek, NC 5075 Baldwin, Robert L. Park, VA 5077 Baldwin, Rose Park, VA 1855 Baldwin, Wiley M Park, VA 3620 Baldwin, Thomas J. Grassy Creek, NC 3616 Baldwin, Mary May Brandon, NC 3617 Baldwin, Rachel E. Brandon, NC 3568 Baldwin, Wm M Park, VA 356 Baldwin, Boyd Park, VA 3570 Baldwin, Reece B. Park, VA 3571 Baldwin, George C Park, VA 3572 Baldwin, Jana Park, VA 3573 Baldwin, Rosa Park, VA 3513 Baldwin, Cassey Creek, NC 3514 Baldwin, Wm. Brandon, NC 3515 Baldwin, Joseph R. Grassey Creek, NC 3516 Baldwinm Roby Grassey Creek, NC 3511 Baldwin, John H. Park, VA 3512 Baldwin, Reason Grassy Creek, NC 3464 Baldwin, Plymouth H. Grassy Creek, NC 22548 Baldwin, Neola Grassy Creek, NC 10203 Ballow, T.C, Sugar Grove, VA 11816 Bare, Cansada Burut Hill 32521 Bare, Celia J. 11094 Bare, Meca Green Cove, VA 6139 Barker, Meacy Grassy Creek, NC 10969 Barker, Minnie L Grassy Creek, NC 6138 Barker, Lyddia Grassey Creek, NC 9579 Barker, Ettie Volney, VA 6381 Backus, Mary Belva, WV 6382 Backus, Lottie Dixie, WV .26611 Bedwell, Rose E. Grassy Creek, NC 23764 Belcher, Liddy Algoma, WV 11618 Belder, Cora L. Hiawatha, WV 30508 Benneth, Tandy Pilot Mtn, NC 18599 Bewers, Reece City, NC 12189 Bewers, Mary City, NC 13972 Billips, Kian Horsepen, VA 13973 Billips, Robert Horsepen, VA 24814 Billips, Alex Squire Jim, WV 24816 Billips, Celia Squire Jim, WV 10862 Bird Martha J. Serema, WV 14372 Birmingham, Mary L. Sulligent, AL 11068 Bishop, Alice Cole,VA 10132 Bishop, Sarah J. Pineville, WV 17890 Blevins Elbert Seven Mile Ford, Va 6101 BlevinsWilliam Grimsley, NC 6102 Blevins, Rebecca Grimsley, NC 6104 Blevins, Jackson Grimsley, NC 6106 Blevins, Joel Grimsley, NC 6107 Blevins, Rhoda L. Grimsley, NC 6111 Blevins, James Taylors Valley, VA 6121 Blevins, Eugine Grassy Creek, NC 6124 Blevins, Joseph H Sturqills, NC 6126 Blevins, George Grassy Creek, NC 6127 Blevins, Barlett Grassy Creek, NC 6130 Blevins, Ettie Grassy Creek, NC 6131 Blevins, Esther Grassy Creek, NC 6132 Blevins, Sarahan Grassy Creek, NC 6133 Blevins, Carie E Grassy Creek, NC 6162 Blevins, Andrew J. Taylors Valley, VA 6179 Blevins, James A Grassy Creek, NC 6180 Blevins, Crumpler R. Grassy Creek, NC 6181 Blevins, Thomas R Grassy Creek, NC 6182 Blevins, Shade Grassy Creek, NC 6183 Blevins, James L. Grassy Creek, NC 6184 Blevins, William C Grassy Creek, NC 6186 Blevins, David Ash Co, NC 6814 Blevins, William S. Creek, NC 6838 Blevins, Lettie Park, VA 6845 Blevins, Daniel Park, VA 6846 Blevins, Wells Green Cove, VA 6848 Blevins, Martha E Green Cove, VA 6849 Blevins, Robert Cole, VA 6852 Blevins, A.J. Green Cove, VA 6942 Blevins, Horton Chilhowie, VA 6944 Blevins, Poindexter Park, VA 9592 Blevins, Levi Seven Mile Ford, VA 18159 Blevins, George Park, VA 18623 Blevins, Bertie C. Green Cove, VA 118734 Blevins, Mattie Laurel Springs, NC 17849 Blevins, Nancy G. Flasterce, VA 14759 Blevins, Rachel E. Ophir, KY 14723 Blevins, Rease Algony, WV 14707 Blevins, Roby C Algony, WV 12962 Blevins, Loyd Lodi, VA 12963 Blevins, Franklin M. Park, VA 941 Blevins, Elaina Park, VA 12553 Blevins, Alexander Laurel Springs, NC 68 Blevins, Jessie Beldon, NC 11811 Blevins, William Laurel Springs, NC 11448 Blevins, Bartie Kipling, VA 11096 Blevins, Alley Cole,VA 11097 Blevins, Mary E. Green Cove, VA 11098 Blevins, Manervia C. Green Cove, VA 11100 Blevins, Susan B. Elizabethtown, Il 11089 Blevins, Elizabeth Green Cove, VA 11092 Blevins, Gordon Green Cove, VA 11087 Blevins, Wm L. Green Cove, VA 11096 Blevins, Alley Cole,VA 11086 Blevins, Ettie Cole,VA 11074 Blevins, Sarah Azen, VA 11075 Blevins, John H Green Cove, VA 11078 Blevins, Estille E. Green Cove, VA 11079 Blevins, George W. Worth, WV 11071 Blevins, Henry C. Azen, VA 11060 Blevins, Irving W. Green Cove, VA 11062 Blevins, Green C. Seven Mile Ford, VA 11064 Blevins, Minter F. Seven Mile Ford, VA 11066 Blevins, Elizabeth Asen, VA 11050 Blevins, Alice M. Cole, Va 11053 Blevins, Emanuel Cole, VA 11057 Blevins, Martha P. Seven Mile Ford, VA 11058 Blevins, Josephine Seven Mile Ford, VA 5836 Blevins, James W. Glade Springs, VA 5559 Blevins, Mary M. Chilhowie, VA 5372 Blevins, Bertha Seven Mile Ford, VA 5113 Blevins, Riley Park, VA 5114 Blevins, George Park, VA 4893 Blevins, Wiley Park, VA 4468 Blevins, Eli Park, VA 4896 Blevins, Bonnie C. Park, VA 4475 Blevins, Nannie Saltville, VA 4476 Blevins, Gipson N. Saltville, VA 4466 Blevins, Allen Saltville, VA 4894 Blevins, Eli Saltville, VA 6861 Blevins, Elizabeth Saltville, VA 4471 Blevins, Susan Saltville, VA 4474 Blevins, Milbe Saltville, VA 4318 Blevins, Ellen F. Husk, NC 4128 Blevins, Roby Lansing, NC 4129 Blevins, Ada Lansing, NC 3654 Blevins, Elizabeth Saltville, VA 3655 Blevins, B.F. Redjacket, WV 615 Blevins, Sarah J. Weasel, NC 3590 Blevins, Fannie Saltville, VA 3465 Blevins, James F. Damascus, VA 2905 Blevins, Bertie Velney, VA 10766 Blevins, John T. Crumpler, WV 6101 Blevins, William Grimsley, N.C. 6102 Blevins, Rebecca Grimsley, N.C. 6103 Blevins, Mary Grimsley, N.C. 6104 Blevins, Jackson Grimsley, N.C. 6105 Blevins, David Grimsley, N.C. 6106 Blevins, Joel Grimsley, N.C. 6107 Blevins, Rhoda L. Grimsley, N.C. 6121 Blevins, Eugina Grassey Creek, NC 6124 Blevins, Joseph H. Sturqills, NC 6126 Blevins, George Grassey Creek, NC 6127 Blevins, Bartlett Grassey Creek, NC 6130 Blevins, Ettie Grassey Creek, NC 6131 Blevins, Ester Grassey Creek, NC 6132 Blevins, Sarahan Grassey Creek, NC 6133 Blevins, Carie E. Grassey Creek, NC 6162 Blevins, Andrew J. Taylors Valley, VA 6179 Blevins, James A. Grassey Creek, NC 6180 Blevins, Crumpler R. Grassey Creek, NC 6181 Blevins, Thomas R Grassey Creek, NC 6182 Blevins, Shade Grassey Creek, NC 6183 Blevins, James L. Grassey Creek, NC 6184 Blevins, William C. Grassey Creek, NC 6186 Blevins, David Ash Co. NC 6814 Blevins, Williams Silas Creek, NC 6838 Blevins, Lettie Park, VA 6842 Blevins, Horton Chilhowie, VA 6844 Blevins, Poindexter Park, VA 6845 Blevins, Daniel Park, VA 6846 Blevins, Wells Green Cove, VA 6848 Blevins, Martha E. Green Cove, VA 6852 Blevins, A.J. Green Cove, VA 6858 Blevins, James M. Seven Mile Ford, VA 6860 Blevins, Jospeh R. Marion, VA 6861 Blevins, Elizah Nonchalauta, KY 6863 Blevins, Wm. L.C. Seven Mile Ford, VA 6865 Blevins, Susan Old Town, KY 6866 Blevins, Peter Nonchalauta, KY 6867 Blevins, Nickales Hopewell, KY 6868 Blevins, Thomas Ashland, KY 6870 Blevins, Eli W. Everman, KY 6893 Blevins, Malinda Green Cove, VA 6900 Blevins, Eulala Green Cove, VA 6901 Blevins, Martha R. Park, VA 6902 Blevins, Christopher Park, VA 6904 Blevins, Ala Green Cove, VA 6905 Blevins, Lydia E Asen, VA 6907 Blevins, Miles Park, VA 6856 Blevins, Oney Park, VA 6162 Blevins, Andrew J. Crumpler, WV 7959 Blevins, Daniel F. Crumpler, NC 7961 Blevins, Andrew J. Crumpler, NC 8457 Blevins, Jacob Taylors Valley, VA 8458 Blevins, Sarah N. Taylors Valley, VA 8459 Blevins, Martha S. Park, VA 8460 Blevins, Wilburn Park, VA 8461 Blevins, Darthulia Taylors Valley, VA 8462 Blevins, William A. Taylors Valley, VA 8471 Blevins, Eli M Old Town, KY 8472 Blevins, Jane Ironton, OH 8473 Blevins, William A. Samaris, KY 8474 Blevins, Josephus Old Town, KY 8475 Blevins, Francis M. Samaris, KY 8484 Blevins, Wilbur A. Park, VA 8491 Blevins, James P. Kipling, VA 8494 Blevins, Caney Taylors Valley, VA 8496 Blevins, James M. Clemmora, LA 8497 Blevins, Catherine Grasses, Va 8510 Blevins, N.M. Cale, VA 8512 Blevins, John W. Park, VA 8521 Blevins, Halley V. Oakesdale, WA 8532 Blevins, Susie Park, VA 8537 Blevins, Dors Park, VA 8538 Blevins, Green B. Silas Creek, NC 8539 Blevins, Minnie E. Park, VA 8546 Blevins Anna Park, VA 8552 Blevins, Elcaney Chelhowie, VA 8553 Blevins, Joseph H. Chelhowie, VA 8584 Blevins, Wm H. Grasses, VA 8586 Blevins, Wm L. Grasses, VA 8587 Blevins, Ambrose A. Grasses, VA 8588 Blevins, John H. Grasses, VA 8591 Blevins, Sarah T. Grasses, VA 9045 Blevins, James Grassy Creek, NC 9051 Blevins, James H. Crumpler, NC 9053 Blevins, Dolly J. Asen, VA 9054 Blevins, Wiley Gladespring, VA 9059 Blevins, Hiram M Crumpler, NC 9061 Blevins, Alice Crumpler, NC 9073 Blevins, Wells L.M. Crumpler, NC 9074 Blevins, George Crumpler, NC 9075 Blevins, George C. Grassy Creek, NC 9082 Blevins, William F. Crumpler, NC 9084 Blevins, Edward Gladespring, VA 9289 Blevins, Maggie Rugsby, VA 9592 Blevins, Levi Seven Mile Ford, VA 21016 Blevins, Rufus Beldon, NC 25789 Blevins, Lula Everman, KY 25790 Blevins, Laura Everman, KY 25791 Blevins, Della Everman, KY 25625 Blevins, George Meadow View, VA 25621 Blevins, David Meadow View, VA 25623 Blevins, Chas Johnson City, TN 25624 Blevins, Jackson B. Saltville, VA 25434 Blevins, Owen Grassy Creek, NC 25435 Blevins, Preston Grassy Creek, NC 25007 Blevins, Martha Crumpler, WV 26827 Blevins, Roby W. Park, VA 26828 Blevins, Lillie Park, VA 26829 Blevins, Vintia Park, VA 27277 Blevins, Dulcie M. Nelton, NC 27278 Blevins, James E.C. Nelton, NC 27279 Blevins Eli C. Grassy Creek, NC 27281 Blevins, Ella P. Nelton, NC 27288 Blevins, Nancy D. Grassy Creek, NC 27457 Blevins, Franklin Keystone, WV 27458 Blevins, Charles O. Keystone, WV 9045 Blevins, James Grassy Creek, NC 6126 Blevins, George Grassy Creek, NC 8584 Blevins, William H. Ashe County, NC 8510 Blevins, Noah M. Marion, VA 11057 Blevins, Martha P. Marion, VA 36093 Blevins, Sarah A. Butt, WV 36601 Blevins, Wilburn L. Rugby, VA 36602 Blevins, Solomon Rugby, VA 36603 Blevins, D.M. Rugby, VA 39581 Blevins, Edw. R. Oakesdale, WA 36605 Blevins, J.M. Rugby, VA 36620 Blevins, Marion Mount of Wilson, VA 6187 Blevins Jr Geo C. Grimsley, NC 12966 Blevis, Wm R. Green Cove, VA 38603 Bohamon, Sherrill B. Yadkinville, NC 8449 Bone, William F. Grasses, Va 8485 Bone, Mary E. Grasses, Va 8508 Bone, Sholy B. Bokman, WV 5366 Bonhan, Elizabeth Marion, VA 12978 Borders, Rosa B. Vavaheshie, TX 12191 Bowers, Lillie City, NC 18111 Bowers, Thomas City, NC 21013 Bowlan, Mattie L. Guin, AL 12475 Bowlin, Susan A. Beldon, NC 25082 Bowman, Dane Horsepen, VA 25083 Bowman, Luvina Horsepen, VA 25084 Bowman, Charlie Horsepen, VA 25081 Bowman, John Horsepen, VA 24811 Bowman, Mollie Tazewell, VA 24781 Bowman, J.V. Wolf, WV 22234 Box, John Allen Tavern, Al 26763 Box, T.H. Tavern, AL 26907 Box, Perry J. Tavern, AL 26908 Box, Wesley A. Tavern, AL 21015 Box, Martha J. Tavern, AL 8589 Brewer, Dora F. Grasses, VA 8590 Brewer, Wm G. Grasses, VA 9096 Brinegar, Daniel Pineville, WV 9097 Brinegar, J.L. Pineville, WV 13008 Brinegar, Leroy Airbellows, NC 6148 Brinegar, Mary L. Grassey Creek, NC 9088 Brinegar, Edward Pineville, WV 9105 Brinegar, Wm Pineville, WV 9091 Brineger, John C. Pineville, WV 6154 Brooks, Ellen Park, VA 10412 Brooks, Manda Weasel, NC 10868 Brown, Melissa A. Serema, WV ----2 Brown, Anna L. Hernion, WV ---6 Brown, Sonia J Pee, WV Brown, Mary Y Fusk, VA 10863 Brown, Rebecca Serena, WV 10215 Brown, Lousanna McGrady, NC ---37 Brown, Sarah Ann Sernea, WV 25005 Brown, James H Grassy Creek, NC 23947 Brown, Cordelia Crumpler, WV 22977 Brown, Elihu J. Trout Dale, VA 10215 Brown, Louisianna Wilkesboro, NC 11283 Brown, Elzina Wilkesboro, NC 38350 Brown, William W. St Claire, TN 38955 Brown, Katie H. Rodgerville, TN 38956 Brown, Maud Rodgerville, TN 38957 Brown, Mary E. Rogersville, TN 40085 Brown, Mary J. Martin, NC 11423 Brown, Elsina McGrady, NC 40086 Brown,Lona K. Martin, NC 17492 Buchanan, Geo H Basin, WV 37996 Buchanan, Wm.H. Coaldale, WV ---67 Burchett, Ellen Marion, VA 6100 Burley, Wm L. Grimsley, N.C. 10233 Burnett, Myrtie Crumpler, WV 9769 Caldwell, Matilda Park, VA 9506 Caldwell, Celia A. Crumpler, NC 42021 Calvin, Dora Long Island, AL 6108 Carelton, Eugene Groess, VA 8156 Carnes, Ora Glen, WV 6108 Carolton, Eugene Groess, VA 37628 Carr, Aletha Fargo, KY 5185 Carter, Elsine Weasel, NC 8450 Carter, Nancy Grasses, VA 37408 Carter, Samantha E. Paint Fork, NC 37 Caudill, Rebecca J. Durant, OK 8513 Chambers, Jessie Spruce, WV 8519 Chambers, James Taylors Valley, VA 8520 Chambers, Elizabeth Taylors Valley, VA 17300 Chandler, Ada Sulligent, AL Chatman, Lucretia Saltville, VA 5368 Clark, Allen Seven Mile Ford, VA 5369 Clark, Talbert Neckman, VA 5370 Clark, Rebecca Seven Mile Ford, VA 5364 Clark, James Lewiston, VA 5365 Clark, David Lewiston, VA 8557 Clark, Rachel Weasel, NC 8558 Clark, Harvey Weasel, NC 38858 Clay, Harriet E. Leewood, WV 12277 Cleavinger, Virginia Jumbe,WV 15166 Clifton, Jane Diana, WV 17285 Cline, John F. Ben, VA 17287 Cline, Wm V. Covington, VA 43666 Cline, Andrew J. Covington, VA 10119 Cline, James W. Yankeedam, WV 9038 Cline, Geo . F. Vaughan, WV 9042 Cline, Virginia Vaughan, WV 9043 Cline, Henry F. Serena, WV 9085 Cline. Polly J. Pineville, WV 8452 Clinger, Columbie Green Cove, VA 16566 Cogar, Julia A. Orndoff, WV 38411 Coggins, Lovellar Buford, GA 14757 Coldiron, Elizabeth Pedro, OK 11269 Collins, Jas B. Nennison, OK 39013 Collins, James M. Boonville, NC 39014 Collins, Edward B. Boonville, NC 24323 Colman, Annie B. Rosewell, GA 6116 Combs, Jenitty Front Dale, VA 6815 Cook, Daniel A Chilhowie, VA 9093 Cook, Sarah E. Pineville, WV 10230 Cook, Edward A. Graham, VA 10490 Cook, Thos B. Pinok, WV 17506 Cook, Edward H Widemouth, WV 40017 Cook, William C. Pineville, WV 40018 Cook, Thos A. Pineville, WV 17509 Cook, W. Sherman Widemouth, WV 17510 Cook, A.N. Springton, WV 17511 Cook, N. Beecher Springton, WV 17301 Cook, Jamison P. Gistte, WV 39233 Cook, Jimmey Hotchkiss, WV 39224 Cook, Harrison E. Pinoak, WV 14662 Cook, Robert M. McDowell, WV 14478 Cook, May Ora Widemouth, WV 14465 Cook, A.E. Springton, WV 14449 Cook, H. Ingram Matoaka, WV 5560 Cook, Mary A. Chilhowie, VA 10490 Cook, Thomas B. Pinoak, WV 10230 Cook, Edward A. Graham, VA 10139 Cook, Wm H.H. Pineville, WV 6815 Cook, Daniel A. Chilhowie, VA 9093 Cook, Sarah E Pineville, WV 11077 Cook Susan M Damascus, VA --938 Cooks, Ellis N Matsuoka, WV 53 Cooks, Robert S. Lashwest, WV 2018 Cooper, Delph Long Island, AL 2019 Cooper, Richard L. Long Island, AL 2020 Cooper, Jno F. Long Island, AL 2029 Cooper, Jno C Smilax, AL 1564 Cooper, John F. Long Island, AL 1565 Cooper, Richard Long Island, AL 41089 Cooper, Geo Pisgah, Al 41133 Cooper, G.H Long Island, AL 41134 Cooper, Geo Pingah, AL 41143 CooperJ.S. 41 Copeland, Adline Sernea, WV 17513 Corbett, Marthey F Fayette, AL 17303 Corbett, Mary B. Lexington, OK 14453 Corbett, Elizabeth C. Sizemore, AL 12261 Cox, John Cray, NC 12255 Cox, Martha Crey, NC 12665 Crawford, Mary J. Kimball, WV 25785 Croft, Laura Twin Branch, WV 36702 Crow, Mason C Buford, GA 21661 Crowder Lizzie Rome, GA 10237 Curtis, Mary F. Smithfield, Tx 8529 Daboard, Marge J. Park, VA 6818 Dalenger, Isaac F. Cole, VA 6267 Dalinger, Lydia Hepling, VA 8172 Dalinger, William Park, VA 8173 Dalinger, Freelius A. Park, VA 8511 Dalinger, Wesley Park, VA 8941 Dalinger, Wetey Park, VA 8942 Dalinger, Calvin M. Park, VA 24673 Dallon, D.D. Surgar Grove, VA 94 Daney, Mary J. City, NC 38731 Daniel, Dannie Balt, WV 8620 Darnell, J.C. Weasel, NC 8923 Darnell, Wade H. Weasel, NC 6146 Davis, Johannah Grassy Creek, NC 6147 Davis, Rosa Grassy Creek, NC 6176 Davis, John F. Grassy Creek, NC 6831 Davis, Redaford Grasses, VA 6832 Davis, Estel Grasses, VA 6833 Davis, Rosey Grasses, VA 6834 Davis, Ellis Grasses, VA 9990 Davis, Robt E Grassy Creek, NC 18068 Davis, Calvin Weasel, NC 18069 Davis, Sinie Weasel, NC 18070 Davis, Matilda Weasel, NC 18071 Davis, Ezera Weasel, NC 18072 Davis, Jackson Weasel, NC 5504 Davis, Fran P Volney, VA 10108 Davis, Birdie Park, VA 6146 Davis, Johannah Grassey Creek, NC 6147 Davis, Rosa Grassey Creek, NC 6176 Davis, John F. Grassey Creek, NC 6831 Davis, Redaford Grasses, Va 6832 Davis, Estel Grasses, Va 8050 Davis, Casey Sun, WV 7930 Davis, Fannie Park, VA 8454 Davis, Bethany Seven Mile Ford, VA 8561 Davis, John Weasel, NC 8562 Davis, Ellen M. Weasel, NC 8563 Davis, John Weasel, NC 8567 Davis, Eula G. Park, VA 9607 Davis, Avaline Grosses, VA 9990 Davis, Robert E. Grassy Creek, NC 23556 Davis, Mary Park,VA 23108 Davis, Elizabeth Ashland, KY 18070 Davis, Matilda Weasels, NC 36634 Davis, Mattie Rugby, VA 39343 Davis, Hampton Saltsville, VA 6835 Davis, Jordan Grasses, VA 2985 De Board, Nancy C. Rutledge, TN 25141 Dean, Rutha Hallsville, WV 27276 Deboard, Marcilla Grassy Creek, NC 6135 Debord, Elizabeth C Grassy Creek, NC 6140 Debord, Charley J Grassy Creek, NC 6141 Debord, Elejah T Grassy Creek, NC 6135 Debord, Elizabeth C. Grassey Creek, NC 6142 Debord, Robert W. Grassey Creek, NC 6145 Debord, Creed F. Park, VA 6149 Debord, John M Grassey Creek, NC 6172 Debord, Wiley C. Grassey Creek, NC —842 Delo, Enuice Furches, NC 5561 Dennison, Marg L Damascus, VA 6268 Denton, Lina Park, VA 17491 Diamond, Veron Cauley Bridge,WV 37993 Diamond, John Gauley Bridge, WV 10437 Dickson, Rettie Laurel Springs, NC 6159 Dinkins, Margret Green Cove, VA 6859 Dixon, Alexander Prescott, WA 37631 Dixon, Kate Caredo, WV 93 Dobbins, Lucinda E. Diana, WV 17454 Dockery, Robert Murphy, NC 6908 Dolenger, Lydia C. Park, VA 13004 Dolinger, John Rugby,VA 11049 Dolinger, Lelah Cole, Va 11051 Dolinger, Wilda Cole, Va 5079 Dolinger, Catherine Rugly, VA 4427 Dolinger, Freelin H Rugby, VA 4428 Dolinger, Polly Rugby, VA 6855 Dolinger, Lydia Park, VA 25156 Dolinger, Troy Park, VA 8476 Dunn, Bee Mc Comms, WV 8477 Dunn, Roby Yatoka, WV 8478 Dunn, Elihu A. Rock, WV 6136 Durall, Cora E. Berlin, NC 5521 Edminston, Lockie Chilhowie, VA 6847 Edmondson, Wm T Green Cove, VA 11054 Edmonsdon, Rhoda V. Damascus, VA 11055 Edmonsdon, Lucinda Damascus, VA 11056 Edmonsdon, Isaac A. Damascus, VA 8492 Edmonston, Kern Creston, WA 52 Edmonston, John B. Noristown, TN 12248 Edwards, Deska Whitehead, NC 4096 Edwards, Celia Emaline Park, VA 9060 Efancis, Roby Crumpler, NC 8501 Eggers, Abner S. Rappicha Co., LA Eller. Moses W Chilhowie, VA 4313 Eller, Celia Clifton, NC 6811 Eller, Moses Chilhowie, VA 3593 Elliott, Julia E. Pinckton, NC 10109 Elliott, Stephen Crosby, VA 11282 Ellis, Mary Ann McGrady, NC 4093 Ellis, Ida E. Saltville, VA 9510 Emkiss, E.L. Sulligent, AL 8555 Estep, Tillie C. Chelhowie, VA 20085 Evans, Jermina Whitehead, NC 8503 Faircloth, Jarvis M. Jeffersonville, VA 8504 Faircloth, Frank P. Dema, KY 8507 Faircloth, Lemuel M. Moreland, KY 36250 Faircloth, Lolin Ripple, NC 36251 Faircloth, Robert L. Ripple, NC 4542 Faireloth, Christina White Top, VA 4543 Faireloth, Millard Rugby, VA 4544 Faireloth, Leanza E. White Top, VA 9090 Farley, Camsas J. Pineville, WV 10229 Farley, N.E. Crumpler, WV 6943 Farmer, Deny Kepling, VA 9767 Farme, Luther Kipling, VA 9768 Farmer, Wiley Kipling, VA 4091 Farmer, Harrison Natewan, WV 4092 Farmer, Marshel F. Eckman, WV 6843 Farmer, Deny Kepling, VA 9767 Farmer, Luther Kipling, VA 22086 Farrington, Champ Crumpler, NC 11048 Farris, Laura C. Damascus, VA 10720 Felts, James Springfield, NC 9098 Finley, Emiline Pineville, WV 4098 Finley, Jerome W. Park, VA 4099 Finley, Ider Ann Park, VA 25558 Fishel, Lydia M. Allisonia, VA 14995 Fisher, Thomas L Lodi, VA 8509 Fisher, Mahndes E. Lodi, VA 10864 Fitzwaters, Wm J. Serema, WV 17514 Flynn,Willie A Sulligent, AL 9766 Foreman, Geo. B. Campbell, OK 12519 Foster, Ocal Gauley Bridge, WV 12521 Foster, Beulah Sauley Bridge, WV 12055 Fowler, Mariah E. Vaughan, WV 12818 Fox, Willie Park, VA 6169 Frances, Martha J Lansing, NC 3517 Francis, Margaret Grassey Creek, NC 6164 Francis, Jerome Lansing, NC 14470 Franks, Emily F. Sizemore, WV 36927 Fraser, Calvin Buford, GA 36928 Frazer, Jas. A. Buford, GA 36926 Frazier, Winnie Dawson, AL 13891 Freeman, Martha J. Chilhowie, VA 22164 Frentham, Virgie Lafayette 18656 Frien, Mania White Sulphur Sprs, WV 17291 Fuller, Emaline Guin, AL 21659 Galyer,Wm. M Columbus, KS 9070 Gambill, Estes Crumpler, NC 25015 Gambill, Nancy J. Crumpler, WV 2024 Garren, John R. Pingah, AL 8575 Garris, Sarah J. Seven Mile Ford, VA 10146 Garrison, Frank B. Keota, OK 21654 Gayler, Mary M. Columbus, KS 21659 Gayler, Margery M. Columbus, KS 21657 Gayler, Garland G. Columbus, KS 8518 Gentry, Dave Taylors Valley, VA 18736 Gibson, Elizabeth P Concord, NC 6857 Goodman, Martha C. Marton, VA 611 Goss, Laura Lansing, NC 612 Goss, Maria Lansing, NC 10489 Graham, Ceberry Ageria, WV 2026 Grant, Rebecca J. Smilax, AL 618 Graybeal, Martha E. Brandon, NC 10134 Green, Samma Pineville, WV 10143 Green, Calvin J. Pineville, WV 10144 Green, Arnold E. Pineville, WV 10127 Green, Nathaniel Pineville, WV 36616 Greenwood, Mary J. Athens, TN 3592 Greer, Emmaline Pinckton, NC 26818 Greer, Milley J. Thaxton, N.C. 27164 Greer, Mary Dandy, NC 36249 Greer, Chas. L. Grassy Creek, NC 38 Gross, Losana Durant, OK 14481 Guin, Anna A. Guin, AL 17290 Guyton, Marget I Beaverton, AL 6112 Haga, Sarah C Asen, VA 6816 Haga, Hetty Asen, VA 8498 Haga, Ida Agen, VA 5189 Hair, Susie Pryor Creek, OK 11059 Hall, Franklin C. Seven Mile Ford, VA 11061 Hall, John M Park, VA 8535 Hallaway, Lousia Damascus, VA 8534 Halloway, Geo W. Abington, VA 39377 Halsey Elijah Estell, WV 12102 Halsey-Sizemore,Cat Pierpoint, WV 6851 Ham, Mary Jane Park, VA 3741 Ham, Lunda Apple Grove, NC 3744 Ham, Mary Apple Grove, NC 8502 Hampton, Laura Grasses, VA 10866 Hamrick, Arminta J. Norecco, WV 14480 Hankins, Mary Jane Saltville, VA 38201 Hankins, Jacob F. Saltillo, Ms 38202 Hankins, David Saltillo, Ms 6871 Hanner, Melissa A Carter, KY 5522 Harmage, Wm W Muskogee, OK 11817 Harris, Martha L. Collinsville, OK 39016 Harris, Leah M. Yadkinville, NC 6836 Hart, Rebecca Green Gove, VA 6837 Hart, Andrew J. Green Gove, VA 6839 Hart, Samuel Gravy, OK 6941 Hart, Elisha Damascus, VA 9604 Hart, Driery M. Seven Mile Ford, VA 9605 Hart, Wesley Powhatan, WV 18604 Hart, Resey B Major, VA 12960 Hart, Harvey R Lodi, VA 11694 Hart, Nan Laurel Springs, NC 11629 Hart, Caroline Laurel Springs, NC 11450 Hart, Catherine Sturgill,NC 11451 Hart, John F. Sturgill, NC 11083 Hart, Celey Weasel, NC 5183 Hart, Amanda Weasel, NC 5184 Hart, David Weasel, NC 5186 Hart, William Weasel, NC 4875 Hart, William Asen, VA 879 Hart, John G. Park, VA 880 Hart, G.W. Asen, VA 4881 Hart, Melley Park, VA 4094 Hart, Isaiah Green Cove, VA 4095 Hart, James H. Green Cove, VA 3740 Hart, Bashey Apple Grove, NC 3743 Hart, James Weasel, NC 3614 Hart, Rachel Apple Grove, NC 6837 Hart, Andrew J. Green Cove, VA 6841 Hart, Elisha Damascus, VA 7518 Hart, Joseph R Saltville, VA 8522 Hart, Eli Park, VA 8548 Hart, Wells Weasel, NC 8550 Hart, Ira Weasel, NC 9605 Hart, Wesley Powhatan, WV 11083 Hart, Celey Weasels, NC 9604 Hart, Drury M. Marion, VA 11073 Hart, Hugh J. Green Cove, VA 6836 Hart, Rebbeca Green Cove, VA 6266 Hartley, Mattie C. Volney, VA 10486 Harvey, Leona A. Ageria, WV 6113 Hase, James H. Asen, VA 6819 Hash, Mary H Chilhowie, VA 10012 Hash, Omega Sussex, NC 10013 Hash, Lee Grassy Creek, NC 10014 Hash, Lu Ettie Grassy Creek, NC 10015 Hash, Fields Grassy Creek, NC 10016 Hash, Thomas Grassy Creek, NC 10340 Hash, Billy Ann Major, VA 6819 Hash, Mary H. Chilhowie, VA 8500 Hash, Bonie Grasses, VA 26610 Hash, Sarah Crumpler, NC 26743 Hash, John J. Dewy, VA 27287 Hash, Donie Grassy Creek, NC 9507 Haskins, Annie Sulligent, AL 9510 Haskins, E.L. Sulligent, AL 8547 Hauser, Nancy Kipling, VA 8578 Hawkins, Elizabeth Trout Dale, VA 8582 Hawkins, Jesse W. Grant, VA 9050 Hayes, Lyda Saltville, VA 12262 Haynes, Alis Halls Mills, NC 6895 Hays, Fannie Asen, VA 26754 Hays, Virgie H. Pound, VA 6854 Haze, Rebbeca Latonia, NC 14994 Health, J. Wm Glade Springs, VA 39486 Heath, J.D. Lodi, VA 39487 Heath, Peter Lodi, VA 39488 Heath, Edward Lodi, VA 10970 Heath, Marion Fleet, VA 10971 Heath, Charles Fleet, VA 10973 Heath, Lon Fleet, VA 10974 Heath, John Fleet, VA 14996 Heath, S. T. Lodi, VA 13890 Heath, Julie Chilhowie, VA 12716 Heath, Scott Lodia, VA 12782 Heath, Robert Fleet, VA 3472 Heath, Selia V. Glad Springs, VA 10970 Heath, Marion Fleet, WV 10971 Heath, Charles Fleet, WV 10973 Heath, Lon Fleet, WV 10974 Heath, John Fleet, WV 6137 Heath, Martha J. Grassey Creek, NC 6185 Heath, George C. Grassey Creek, NC 9240 Heath, Maggie Fleet, VA 9244 Heath, Wm G. Gladespring, VA 9244 ½ Heath, Ellen Gladespring, VA 21118 Heath, Nancy Pilot Mt., NC 21117 Heath, Nancy M. Pilot Mt., NC 10974 Heath, John Wash County, VA 6137 Heath, Martha J Grassy Creek, NC 6185 Heath, George C Grassy Creek, NC 10972 Helms, Ales J. Fleet, VA 8499 Henderson, Bertha Cale, VA 11069 Henderson, Lottie Azen, VA 9756 Henning, Mason M. Maywood, WV 25622 Hicks, Nancy B. Meadow View, VA 36092 Hiler,Willie Herndon, WV 4132 Hill, Rachel Vinita, OK 43594 Hines, Amanda E. Diana, WV 12137 Hipes, Adeline Horsepan, VA 24812 Hipes, Mollie Tip Top, VA 12246 Hobgood, Thom S. Marion Sistion, MS 4467 Hogston, Rachel Saltville, VA 4472 Hogston, Lillie Richlands, VA 14760 Holbrooks, Isabell Gapville, KY 9588 Holcomb, Mary A. Crosby, WV 26260 Holcomb, James A. Sizemore, WV 26258 Holcomb, William F. Sizemore, WV 26259 Holcomb, George W. Sizemore, WV 6853 Holland, MargeE. Grove, OK 17507 Hollis, Lennie Beaverton, AL 17302 Hollis, Jno. G Beaverton, AL 10113 Holmadollar, Arm. Hallsville, WV 6869 Honck, Ida C. Sciota, OH 6903 Hoosier, Lenora Green Cove, VA 8487 Hopkins, Mina R. Lodi, VA 11693 Hoppers, Elon Ratler, NC 37978 Howlette, Josie Radford, VA 37979 Howlette, Sidney Radford, VA 9062 Hudler, Minnie Crumpler, NC 9063 Hudler, James Crumpler, NC 9047 Hudler, Thansey Crumpler, WV 9048 Hudler, Robert Crumpler, WV 9071 Hudler, Charles Crumpler, NC 9072 Hudler, Isaac Crumpler, NC 9076 Hudler, Ira Crumpler, NC 9077 Hudler,Wm Crumpler, NC 9079 Hudler, Joseph Crumpler, NC 6114 Huffman, Emaline Asen, VA 6115 Huffman, Alexander Asen, VA 25016 Huffman, Candis L. Grassy Creek, NC 27084 Humphrey, Lette M. Charlotte, NC 6100 Hurley, William W Grimsley, NC 6153 Hurley, Mollie Grimsley, NC 5523 Hurley, John T. Grimsley, NC 4429 Hurley, Bertha Rugby, VA 22960 Hurley, Ira Nettie Knob, NC 4 Hurley, Walter Othello, NC 6153 Hurley, Mollie Grimsley, N.C. 25017 Hurley, Thomas C. Grassy Creek, NC 27572 Hurley, Altha Jane Grassy Creek, NC 10807 Hyden, Emma L. Atlanta, GA 24815 Hypes, Lewis Tip Top, VA 37642 Ingram, L.J. Rugby, VA 7519 James, Mary Saltville, VA 10121 Jenkins, Sallie M. Pineville, WV 5876 Jennings, Elsina Park, VA 17451 Jewell, Nellie G Key Hook, WV 9994 Jimmings, Ella Old Town, VA 13888 Johnson, L.E.J. Effler,WV 8480 Johnson, Jeskey A. Effler, WV 38992 Johnston, Charles C. Nashville, TN 6099 Jones, Lura U. Rugby, VA 6150 Jones, Winfield Grimsley, NC 10182 Jones, M. Elizabeth Baxter, GA 10183 Jones, J. Martin Baxter, GA 18648 Jones, Augusta P. Panther Creek, NC 6099 Jones, Lura U. Rugby, VA 6150 Jones, Winfield Grimsley, N.C. 6151 Jones, T.R. Grimsley, N.C. 6152 Jones, Nancy Grimsley, N.C. 9058 Jones, Samuel N Crumpler, NC 9069 Jones, Benj. F. Crumpler, NC 27284 Jones, Tansy Grassy Creek, NC 27285 Jones, S.J. Grassy Creek, NC 27286 Jones, Elbert Grassy Creek, NC 9069 Jones, Benjamin F. Jefferson, NC 36635 Jones, L.E. Rugby, VA 8495 Kavavaugh, Della E. Clemmora, LA 24809 Keen, Mollie Horsepen, VA 9092 Keith, Benj F. Pineville, WV 10865 Keith, Sarah A. Serena, WV 10875 Keith, Gay Serena, WV 9092 Keith, Benj. F. Pineville, WV 25147 Keith, Wm. J. Iola, KS 25149 Keith, Jas M Iola, KS 25150 Keith, Jno. E Columbus, KS 8559 Kelley, John M Grassy Creek, NC 8560 Kelley, Cora E. Grassy Creek, NC 26209 Kelley, Wm P. Grassy Creek, NC 18647 Kelly, Mary F. Lewisville, NC 5187 Kilby, Celia White Top, VA 23361 Killey, Flossy White Top, VA 30716 King, Benjamin F. Pilot Mountain, NC 10112 Kirby, Larance Hallsville, WV 6409 Kiser, Lola Dixie, WV 40808 Kyle, Samantha Clay, WV 18733 Lane, Martha Laurel Springs, NC 9078 Lane, Naoma E. 6864 Lawhorn, Leviniar Nonchalauta, KY 14474 Laxton, L.B.Z. Widemouth, WV 14458 Laxton, Nancy O. Giatte, WV 17515 Layees, Mary NL Widemouth, WV 884 Lefler, Nealy Park, VA 10861 Legg, John L. Serema, WV 10871 Legg, Bertha C. Serema, WV 9040 Legg, Leitie M. Serena, WV 5367 Lester, Mellie Seven Mile Ford, VA 5371 Lester, Rhoda Seven Mile Ford, VA 43640 Lewis, Gordon Elkhorn, WA 43642 Lewis, Jessie Cooper, WV 8463 Lewis, Solomon N. Taylors Valley, VA 8465 Lewis, Mary F. Taylors Valley, VA 8466 Lewis, Martha Taylors Valley, VA 8467 Lewis, Jacob P. Taylors Valley, VA 8469 Lewis, James G. Taylors Valley, VA 8493 Lewis, James E. Roanoke, LA 8468 Lewis, James G. Washington County, VA 8545 Lewis Jessie E. Taylors Valley, VA 8592 Lewis Franklin L. Roanoak, LA 8468 Lewis, Jr, Sol N. Taylors Valley, VA 8573 Little, John M. Park, VA 14476 Lockhart, Dora Beaverton, AL 3895 Long, Darlene Carbon, OK 3896 Long, Clarence Carbon, OK 3897 Long, Vance Carbon, OK 3898 Long, Dorene Carbon, OK 9288 Lovelace, Calley L. Troutdale, VA 3739 Lowe, Rebecca Apple Grove, NC 36208 Lucas, Elmyra Saxon, WV 8160 Lusk, Jane Halcomb, WV 11268 Lyle, John T. Saltville, Va 4465 Lyle, John Saltville, VA -2989 Mabe, Rufus Laurel Springs, NC -2992 Mabe, Rosina Laurel Springs, NC 12190 Mabe, Estele Anna, NC 12188 Mabe, Charity Anna, NC 4131 Mabe, Katy White Top, VA 25414 Mabe, Lina Max Meadows 24198 Mabe, Boyd White Top, VA 27340 Mabe, Maggie City, NC 27341 Mabe, Ellen City, NC 39015 Mackie, Nancy E. Yadkinville, NC 40089 Mackie, William L. Yadkinville, NC 40090 Mackie, Henry E. Yadkinville, NC 34 Maga, John T. Rugby, VA 24813 Maras, Lula Squire Jim, WV 36 Markle, Lizzie V. Serena, WV 11063 Martin, Nannie C. Azen, VA 10869 Martin, Minerva Blaine, Ga 18652 Masters, Mary White Sulpr Sprs, WV 25139 Matney, Johney Hallsville, WV 25140 Matney, W.J. Hallsville, WV 14460 Mc Comas, Nellie L. Giatto, WV 12454 Mc Commis, Oca Mercoco, WV 6129 Mc Lawer, Maud D. Grassy Creek, NC 5691 McBride, Susie Saltville, VA 11939 McCarthy, Rose A Laurel Bloomery, TN 11940 McCarthy, Rosa Laurel Bloomery, TN —840 McDaniel, Eliza Warner, OK 23105 McGuire, Leander C. Ashland, KY 23106 McGuire, William B. Ashland, KY 23107 McGuire, Samuel H. Ashland, KY 37021 McKinney, Wm B. Basin, WV 6129 McLawer, Maud D. Grassey Creek, NC 38760 McMillion, Martha L.Falling Spring, WV 14761 McVey, Hiley Stonington, KY 17289 Meadows, Polly Covington, VA 24810 Menley, Jennie Horsepen, VA 18737 Michem, Oney S Algona, WV 18738 Michem, Rife Algona, WV 16877 Milam, Johnathan Posey, WV 38870 Milam, R.L. Red Bird, WV 17453 Miles, Nancy G. Castle, WV 6156 Miller, Mattie Park, VA 6157 Miller, Marion Green Gove, VA 6158 Miller, Monroe Green Gove, VA 10416 Miller, Elizabeth Weasel, NC 10417 Miller, Mary Weasel, NC 12985 Miller, H.K. Beldon, NC 12986 Miller, Lavana Beldon, NC -2985 Miller, H.K. Beldon, NC -2986 Miller, Lavana Beldon, NC 11449 Miller, Maudie Kipling, VA 11090 Miller, Binnie Weasel, NC 39375 Miller, Creg Hoshkiss, WV 11084 Miller, Charley Weasel, NC 11085 Miller, Eli Weasel, NC 11086 Miller, Aoiley Weasel, NC 5146 Miller, Laura Weasel, NC 4895 Miller, William Park, VA 8570 Miller, Evaline Park, VA 4575 Miller, Trella & Menter Park, VA 4097 Miller, Ida Park, VA 4100 Miller, Lizzie C. Park, VA 3907 Miller, Dorah B. Park, VA 6155 Miller, Martha Park, VA 6156 Miller, Mattie Park, VA 6157 Miller, Marion Park, VA 6158 Miller, Monroe Green Cove, VA 6855 Miller, Bathseba Weasel, NC 6856 Miller, Allen Weasel, NC 6862 Miller, Maggie Gatewood, WV 6854 Miller, Nettie Park, VA 7583 Miller, Jesse Kipling, VA 7584 Miller, Elihu Park, VA 8516 Miller, Rindo Apple Grove, NC 8517 Miller, Patsy Apple Grove, NC 8524 Miller, Charlotte Lansing, NC 8565 Miller, Mido Lansing, NC 8566 Miller, Asa Weasel, NC 8570 Miller, Eraline Weasel, NC 8571 Miller, Abram L. Weasel, NC 8572 Miller, Samuel Weasel, NC 6155 Miller, Jr. Martha Park, VA 12103 Miller-Sizemore, Mira Saulsville, WV 10222 Mills, E.G. Crumpler, WV 10226 Mills, Sarah Crumpler, WV 10232 Mills, Numa Crumpler, WV 10234 Mills, Viola J. Crumpler, WV 10236 Mills, Hulda Crumpler, WV 10471 Mills, Martha A. Egirid, WV 10822 Mills, Virdie Crumpler, WV 10232 Mills, Nuna Crumpler, WV 10234 Mills, Viola J. Pinola, WV 10236 Mills, Hiulda Crumpler, WV 10226 Mills, Sarah A. J. Crumpler, WV 38272 Miner-Simpson, P. Eidson, TN 38963 Miner, Mary Eidson, TN 6123 Mink, Mattie B Helton, NC 39341 Minor, Rees Eidson, TN 10637 Mitchem, Lovuveny Algena, WV 12664 Mitchen, Vicy J. Eckman, WV 37442 Mitchum, Sam Algonna, WV 3070 Moore, Malisa C. Butler, TN 37440 Moore, Susanna Danleyton, KY 10145 Morgan, Frankie J. Woosley, WV 10114 Morgan, Elizabeth Hallsville, WV 26233 Morgan, Randy Springfield, NC 39376 Morgan, Lake Estell, WV 39657 Morgan, Thomas Woosley, WV 14828 Moser, Lavica Lodi, VA 11634 Mullins, Lousia E Clay, WV 10137 Mullins, Pearl J. Pineville, WV 10126 Mullins, Nat A. Pineville, WV 9106 Mullins, Lydia Pineville, WV 25066 Mullins, Virginia B. Glen, WV 24817 Munley, Robert Horsepen, WVA 7 Myers, Lura City, NC 7931 Nance, Rettie Weasel, NC 38605 Nandy, Mary A. Springfield, NC 12053 Neal, Victoria A. Vaughan, WV 11004 Neal, Lutie Sizemore, WV 9035 Neal, Alexander D. Serena, WV 10202 Nelson, Eliza Sugar Grove, VA 8470 Nelson, Adam Nonchalauta, KY Netler, Claid Park, VA 8 Nettyton, Peter Cherokee, NC 9 Nettyton, Nancy Cherokee, NC 39 Newman, Margaret Horsepan, VA 38631 Nicks, Charles S. Yadkinville, NC 14375 Nolen, Martha S. Sulligent, AL 10117 Norris, Lydia C. Crosby,WV 17504 Northouit, Martha R.Lexington, OK 36247 Nuckles, Reney Herndon, WV 14756 Nuekells, Margaret Ivyton, KY 11419 Null, Cora L. Seven Mile Ford, VA 18073 Num, Francis Weasel, NC 13974 Nunly, Matilda Horsepan, VA 10227 O'Brian, Stella A. Lambert, WV 37977 Oaks, Leora E. Matouka, WV 38604 Okes, John N. Yadkinville, NC 39274 Okes, Rachel J. Yadkinville, NC 39275 Okes, Delia J. Yadkinville, NC 39276 Okes, Harvey W. Yadkinville, NC 39833 Oller, Margaret J. Cravens, OK 12470 Orsben, Jessie Laurel Springs, NC 10411 Osborn, Lookie Apple Grove, NC 10413 Osborn, Fielden Apple Grove, NC 10867 Osborn, Geo W. Ira, WV 10870 Osborn, James A. Serema, WV 10872 Osborn, Emery J. Serema, WV 10873 Osborn, Solomon Ira, WV 18156 Osborn, Aaron Laurel Springs, NC 18158 Osborn, F.M. Laurel Springs, NC 18598 Osborn, Lester Independence, VA 18600 Osborn, Benj City, NC 20084 Osborn, Lester City, N.C. 14731 Osborn, A.M. Rugby, VA 14152 Osborn, Florence Laurel Springs, NC 12987 Osborn, Eliza Harmon, NC 12988 Osborn, Emery Harmon, NC -2990 Osborn, George Rather, NC -2991 Osborn, Cicero Laurel Springs, NC 12520 Osborn, James H. Serena, WV 12450 Osborn, David A. Scotford, WV 12258 Osborn, Polly City, NC 12195 Osborn, Margaret City, NC 12192 Osborn, Jessie Cyldell, VA 12193 Osborn, Calvin City, NC 12184 Osborn, Eli Furches, NC 12180 Osborn, Reeves City, NC 12181 Osborn, John E. City, NC 11819 Osborn, Ephram Ratler, NC 11623 Osborn, Jerome B. Standard, WV 1745 Osborn, Jonathan L. Dyke, GA 8583 Osborn, Joseph Fairwood, VA 11809 Osborn, Aaron Laurel Springs, NC 20084 Osborn et el Lester City, N.C. 14728 Osborne, Enoch M Rugby, VA 14729 Osborne, Leanzy C. Rugby, VA 12554 Osborne, Felix Beldon, NC 12469 Osborne, James W. Gale, NC 12472 Osborne, Talton Beldon, NC 12473 Osborne, John Beldon, NC 12476 Osborne, David A. Beldon, NC 12257 Osborne, Tennessee City, NC 12259 Osborne, Willie Laurel Springs, NC 9044 Osborne, Thomas S. Serena, WV 12476 Osborne, Jesse D. Laurel Springs, NC 12193 Osborne, Calvin Laurel Springs, NC 12260 Osborne, Fields Laurel Springs, NC 12249 Osbourn, Robert L. Laurel Springs, NC 12251 Osbourne, Marshall Springfield, NC 12252 Osbourne, Troy Springfield, NC 6408 Osburn, John E. Belva, WV 10019 Osburn, Andrew Scotsville, NC 10876 Osburn, John T. Serema, WV 10878 Osburn, John W. Serema, WV 10867 Osburn, Geo. W Ira, WV 10870 Osburn, James A. Serena, WV 10872 Osburn, Emery J. Serena, WV 10873 Osburn, Solomon Ira, WV 10877 Osburn, William Serena, WV 6408 Osburn, John E. Belva, WV 9102 Osburn, John H. Serena, WV 10019 Osburn, Andrew Scotsville, NC 14456 Otta, America C. Sulligent, AL 14376 Otts, Clint Sulligent, AL 14377 Otts, Calvin C. Sulligent, AL 6825 Owen, Malissa Chilhowie, VA 8486 Palmer, Bertie E. Lodi, VA 1818 Parington, Susie Chimpler, NC 13011 Parish, Cyntha Scottsville, NC 13012 Parish, Lula Scottsville, NC 25412 Parish, Jno. P. Max Meadows 25413 Parish,Wm H. Max Meadows 8490 Parker, Andrew J. Kipling, VA 8514 Parker, John L. Kipling, VA 8515 Parker, Mary M. Kipling, VA 8541 Parker, Willie C. Taylors Valley, VA 8556 Parker, Nancy E. Taylors Valley, VA 24674 Parks, Melvin C. Cowskin, 10136 Parley, Nancy J. Pineville, WV 37410 Patton, Carrie Ashland, KY 6830 Pawers, Mary E Grasses, VA 18605 Payne, Malinda Springfield, NC 13003 Payne, Benj F Tellicoplains, TN 12256 Payne, Melinda Springfield, NC 12108 Payne, John Nina, NC 12107 Payne, Mary Jane Nina, NC 9992 Peak, Alice Grassy Creek, NC 9993 Peak, Alexander Grassy Creek, NC 11418 Peak, Alexander Haslewood, Pittsburg, PA 11420 Peak, Carnealy Seven Mile Ford, VA 11421 Peak, Leander Seven Mile Ford, VA 6948 Peak, John A Valney, VA 7932 Peak, James M. Grassy Creek, NC 9991 Peak, Carolina Grassy Creek, NC 9992 Peak, Alice Grassy Creek, NC 23881 Peak, Lum Balhart, VA 6951 Peak, John A. Grassy Creek, NC 37108 Peaver, Edward Charleston, WV 2023 Peek, Susan L. Pingah, AL 25807 Peek, Edward C. Grassy Creek, NC 6109 Pennington, Wm R Front Dale, VA 6110 Pennington, Laney Front Dale, VA 6117 Pennington, Sam Asen, VA 6118 Pennington, Sam Asen, VA 6119 Pennington, Sam J Asen, VA 6120 Pennington, Sib M. Asen, VA 6160 Pennington, Eady Asen, VA 6161 Pennington, D. Eli Asen, VA 6820 Pennington, Lea Green Gove, VA 6821 Pennington, James Green Gove, VA 6822 Pennington, J. A. Park, VA 6823 Pennington, Eliz Park, VA 6826 Pennington, E. Chilhowie, VA 6827 Pennington, Wells Grassy Creek, NC 6828 Pennington, Elijah Grasses, VA 6829 Pennington, David Grasses, VA 6850 Pennington, F. E Green Cove, VA 6812 Pennington, Cic Chilhowie, VA 6813 Pennington, T. C. Chilhowie, VA 5194 Pennington, Eli. Grasses, VA 5188 Pennington, Wm T. Sturgills, NC 5190 Pennington, C. N. Sturgills, NC 6109 Pennington, W. R. Front Dale, VA 6117 Pennington, Sam Asen, VA 6118 Pennington, Sam J. Front Dale, VA 6120 Pennington, Sib M Asen, VA 6161 Pennington, D. Eli Asen, VA 6813 Pennington, T.C. Cillhowie, VA 6817 Pennington,W.D. Grasses, Va 6820 Pennington, L.G. Cove, VA 6821 Pennington, J. G. Cove, VA 6822 Pennington, J.A. Park, VA 6823 Pennington, Elia Park, VA 6827 Pennington, W. Grasses, VA 6828 Pennington, E. Grasses, VA 6829 Pennington, D. Grasses, VA 6850 Pennington, F. E. Green Cove, VA 6891 Pennington, C. Park, VA 6892 Pennington, Asa Asen, VA 6896 Pennington, H. Asen, VA 6897 Pennington, S. Asen, VA 6906 Pennington, F. Asen, VA 8455 Pennington, L. Crandull, TN 8456 Pennington, S. Laurel Bloom, TN 8542 Pennington, A. Laurel Bloom, TN 8579 Pennington, U. Fairwood, VA 49 Pennington, A. Asen, VA 9083 Pennington, S. Asen, VA 9239 Pennington, Mary J. Fleet, VA 26665 Pennington, James Chilhowie, VA 5190 Pennington, C. H. Grassy Creek, NC 10141 Perdew, Leroy Pineville, WV 22117 Perdew, Alice Giatte, WV 40070 Perdew, Nathan Kimball, WV 9099 Perdue, Mary Pineville, WV 10135 Perdue, Mary A. Pineville, WV 10118 Perdue, Nathaniel Pineville, WV 9099 Perdue, Mary Pineville, WV 9100 Perdue, Melvina Pineville, WV 12838 Pettie, Bertie Furches, NC 18155 Petty, Jasper Laurel Springs, NC 12798 Petty, Catherine Furches, NC 12729 Petty, Alexander Furches, NC 12725 Petty, Brady Furches, NC 12428 Petty, Lee A. Furches, NC 12430 Petty, Greeny Furches, NC 12798 Petty, Catherine Laurel Springs, NC 6089 Phiffe, Robert F. Grassey Creek, NC 6089 Phiffs, Robert F. 3990 Phillips, M.A. Thaxton, NC 6 Phillips, Ida Nettie Knob, NC 9064 Phippe, Natham Weaverford, NC 9065 Phippe, James R. Weaverford, NC 9066 Phippe, B.P. Weaverford, NC 9067 Phippe, Margery Weaverford, NC 6090 Phippe, William W. Rugby, VA 6091 Phippe, Mary J. Veron, NC 6092 Phippe, Ellen D. Grassey Creek, NC 6093 Phippe, Rhoda L. Grassey Creek, NC 6094 Phippe, Benjamin M.Grassey Creek, NC 6095 Phippe, Carolina Grassey Creek, NC 6096 Phippe, Clinton K. Grassey Creek, NC 6097 Phippe, Nancy E. Grassey Creek, NC 6143 Phippe, Thomas E. Grassey Creek, NC 6144 Phippe, Cora Grimsley, N.C. 6166 Phippe, Joyce Grassey Creek, NC 6167 Phippe, Rush F. Grassey Creek, NC 9064 Phippe, Nathan Weaversford, NC 9065 Phippe, James R. Weaversford, NC 9066 Phippe, B.F. Weaversford, NC 9067 Phippe, Margery Weaversford, NC 6090 Phipps, William W Rugby, VA 6091 Phipps, Mary J. Veron, NC 6092 Phipps, Ellen D Grassy Creek, NC 6093 Phipps, Rhoda L. Grassy Creek, NC 6094 Phipps, Benja M. Grassy Creek, NC 6095 Phipps, Caroline Grassy Creek, NC 6096 Phipps, Clinton E. Grassy Creek, NC 6097 Phipps, Mancy E Grassy Creek, NC 6142 Phipps, Cora Grimsley, NC 6144 Phipps, Thomas E Grassy Creek, NC 6166 Phipps, Joyce Grassy Creek, NC 6167 Phipps, Rush F Grassy Creek, NC 6170 Phipps, Bertha M. Grassy Creek, NC 6171 Phipps, Worth Grassy Creek, NC 6173 Phipps, Corban M Grassy Creek, NC 6174 Phipps, Edward Grassy Creek, NC 6175 Phipps, James E Grassy Creek, NC 6177 Phipps, James E. Helton, NC 6178 Phipps, Ennis Grassy Creek, NC 6188 Phipps, Eli J Grassy Creek, NC 14795 Phipps, Bertie R Boyers Ferry, VA 6170 Phipps, Bertha M. Grassey Creek, NC 6171 Phipps, Worth Grassey Creek, NC 6173 Phipps, Corban M. Grassey Creek, NC 6174 Phipps, Edward Grassey Creek, NC 6175 Phipps, James E. Grassey Creek, NC 6177 Phipps, James E. Helton, NC 6178 Phipps, Ennis Grassey Creek, NC 6188 Phipps, Eli J. Grassy Creek, NC 9067 Phipps, Margery Grassy Creek, NC 6840 Pickel, Martha J. Gravy, OK 10453 Pierce, Neva C. Grassey Creek, NC 36621 Pierce, Mary A. Weaverford, NC 10864 Pitswaters,Wm J. Serena, WV 6947 Plummer,Valeria C. Valney, VA 6122 Porter, Nancy E Grassy Creek, NC 6122 Porter, Nancy E. Crumpler, WV 27165 Porter, Florence Grassy Creek, NC 6122 Porter, Nancy E. Jefferson, NC 6830 Powers, Mary E. Grasses, Va 8585 Powers, Christian Saltville, VA 39932 Presley, Martha Rogersville, TN 17292 Price, Margaret Black, WV 13007 Price, Howard Whitetop, VA 4130 Price,William C. White Top, VA 25014 Price, Phoebe J. Crumpler, WV 23423 Price, Daniel White Top, VA 23362 Price, H.T. White Top, VA 23363 Price, Thoms. R. White Top, VA 12250 Priuitt, Rebecca Laurel Springs, NC Prowith, Catherine Kipling, VA 13009 Pruett, Everett Laurel Springs, NC 24197 Pruett, Girty Powhatan, WV 18730 Pruitt, J.M. City, NC 12855 Pruitt, Louisa City, NC 12471 Pruitt, Columbus Ravin, VA 1691 Puckett, Jas H. Buford, GA 35825 Puckett, James H. Gainsville, GA 36096 Puckett, Jno. L. Flowery Branch, GA 36098 Puckett, Harvey M. Atlanta, GA 38407 Puckett, Margertt E. Buford, GA 38408 Puckett, Tempa Buford, GA 38409 Puckett, Lucesy Buford, GA 38410 Puckett, Henry I Buford, GA 5506 Pugh, Martha V Grassy Creek, NC 17516 Rainwater, John Beaverton, AL 14464 Rainwater, V.A. Beaverton, AL 14475 Real, Eveline Detroit, AL 1708 Real, Talmge Detroit, AL 39011 Reavis, Mary Martin, NC 39012 Reavis, Robert Yadkinville, NC 11080 Redaford, Nancy Worth, WV Reddle W. M. Clifton, NC 25153 Reed, John C. Basin, WV 25154 Reed, Bud Basin, WV 25155 Reed, James L. Basin, WV 10415 Reed, Susie Birdtown, NC 8174 Reedy, Callee Rugly, Va 9107 Reedy, Orley G. Troutdale, VA 9108 Reedy, Ellen Grassy Creek, NC 14471 Reese, Annie E. Guin, AL --939 Rerton, Mary M. Jose Branch, VA 2025 Rhoads, Mary R Bokoske, OK 18157 Richardson, L. Laurel Springs, NC 18732 Richardson, Frank Laurel Springs, NC 18734 Richardson, Floyd Laurel Springs, NC 11808 Richardson, Mary J Laurel Springs, NC Richardson, J.W. Park, VA 877 Richardson, S.J. Park, VA 878 Richardson, Cath Park, VA 6952 Richardson, F. W. Valney, VA 11808 Richardson, M. J. Laurel Springs, NC 19232 Riddle, John Jefferson, NC 883 Rinehart, Hiram Mullins, WV 8920 Ritchey, Nancy J. Madill, I.T. 5505 Robbins, G.Darth Grassy Creek, NC 10718 Roberts, Charlotte McGrady, NC 10760 Roberts, Robert D. Major, VA 10761 Roberts, James B. Major, VA 10762 Roberts, Dolly Major, VA 12253 Roberts, Candice McGrady, NC 5437 Roberts, Resina Breeden, NC 10759 Roberts, Robert D. Major, VA 10760 Roberts, James B. Major, VA 10761 Roberts, Dolly Major, VA 39578 Robinson, Cora Marion, VA 14463 Roden, Anna E. Beaverton, AL 39 Rodgers, Metea Ellen Sizemore, WV 11507 Roop, Wiley W. Laurel Bloomery, TN 5562 Roop, Rebecca Weasel, NC 5563 Roop, Ida White Top, VA 5564 Roop, Wm S. Park, VA 3994 Roop, W.R. Park, VA 3993 Roop John Weasel, NC 3567 Roop, Louisa Park, VA 8481 Roop, James A. Effler, WV 8482 Roop, Elsha Park, VA 8525 Roop, Mandy Park, VA 8526 Roop, John H. Park, VA 8527 Roop, Lugella Park, VA 8528 Roop, James N. Park, VA 10246 Rose, Lydia Brier, WA 10247 Rose, Eli Brier, WA 12452 Rose, Elizabeth Haileysville, WV 12456 Rose, Edward Baileysville, WV 26 Rose Stokes Berlin, NC 27 Rose, A.J. Warrensville, NC 10246 Rose, Lyda Brier, WV 10247 Rose, Eli Brier, WV 10128 Rose, Sary A. Pineville, WV 10140 Rose, Tobias Pineville, WV 25783 Rose, Geo. W. Twin Branch, WV 25784 Rose, James Twin Branch, WV 8729 Rose, Wyatt Weasels, NC 3473 Ross, Joshua 11691 Roup, John W. Whitehead, NC 14829 Rouse, W.S. Lodi, VA 4959 Rouse, Adaline WashCounty, VA 21658 Rowland, Amer C. Columbus, KS 44755 Runion, Rachel M Turtletown, TN 11904 Rupard, Amanda C. Laurel Bloomery, TN 11905 Rupard, Mary J. Laurel Bloomery, TN —719 Rupari, Amanda G. Laurel Bloomery, TN 6824 Sanders, Martha A. Meadow View, VA --27 Sargent, Nancy J. Indianola, OK 21657 Sayler, Garland G Columbus, KS 18735 Scott, Samuel M. Pinnacle, NC 25151 Scott, Stella E. Parsons, KS 25148 Scott, Minnie B. Iola, KS 8464 Sentry, Solomon T. Taylors Valley, VA 54 Sexton, Lydda E. Forest Depot, VA 36097 Shadburn, Cleavia Atlanta, GA 24780 Sharder, Rindy Tip Top, VA 821 Shares, Core Furches, NC 10130 Sarver, Naoma J. Pineville, WV 10810 Sheets, Martha Transom, VA 10811 Sheets, Dala Beldon, NC 10812 Sheets, Cardovie Beldon, NC 10813 Sheets, Forster Beldon, NC1 0814 Sheets Imaider Beldon, NC 10815 Sheets, Iue Ellen Transom, VA 10816 Sheets, James F. Beldon, NC 10817 Sheets, Hattie V. Transom, VA 10818 Sheets, W.S. Grant Beldon, NC 10819 Sheets, Edma Beldon, NC 10820 Sheets, Hester Beldon, NC 10821 Sheets, Cecil Beldon, NC 13013 Sheets, Hampton T. Beldon, NC 13014 Sheets, Vale L. Beldon, NC 13015 Sheets, Jessie F. Beldon, NC 13001 Sheets, Mary Harmon, NC 13002 Sheets, Rufus Harmon, NC 12999 Sheets, Franklin Harmon, NC 13000 Sheets, Jesse B. Harmon, NC 5435 Sheets, Thomas J. Breeden, NC 5436 Sheets, Calvin Breeden, NC 5438 Sheets, Sarah J. Breeden, NC 5439 Sheets, Charity Breeden, NC 10810 Sheets, Martha Transon, NC 10811 Sheets, Lula Beldon, NC 10814 Sheets, Imiader Beldon, NC 10815 Sheets, Lue Ellen Transon, NC 10816 Sheets, James F. Beldon, NC 10817 Sheets, Hattie V. Transon, NC 10819 Sheets, Edna Beldon, NC 8574 Sheets, Everett Fairwood, VA 22105 Sheets et al. Lester Beldon, NC 11938 Shelton, Rose A. Volney, VA 40074 Short, Ina Antler, WV 10116 Short, Lida Hallsville, WV 2028 Shredes, Penie Nenegar, AL 8483 Shular, Marg E. Cole, VA 11052 Shuler, Mary Cole, VA 6134 Sigrams, Lilly Grassy Creek, NC 10874 Simmons, Ella Serema, WV 10874 Simmons, Ella Serena, WV 8489 Simmons, Ida Pries, VA 27273 Simmons, Roby Elizabeth, Il 27274 Simmons, Jas. W. Elizabeth, Il 27275 Simmons, Minnie A.Elizabeth, Il 11099 Simonsey, Delila Green Cove, VA 14660 Sisk, Mary L. Basin, WV 21656 Sizemore, A.J. Columbus, KS 25262 Sizemore, Albert S. Seebert, WV 38628 Sizemore, Alvis R. 18660 Sizemore, Ande White Sulphur Sprs, WV 14462 Sizemore, Andrew J. Beaverton, AL 14451 Sizemore, Andrew J. Guin, AL 21665 Sizemore, Ben C. Baileyton, AL 12936 Sizemore, Bessie E. Pineville, WV 130 Sizemore, C.A. 7441 Sizemore, Caleb Sizemore, WV 10129 Sizemore, Calvin Pineville, WV 8051 Sizemore, Calvin Algoma, WV 9089 Sizemore, Calvin Pineville, WV 15163 Sizemore, Charles Sizemore, WV 39832 Sizemore, C. D. Cravens, OK 18653 Sizemore, Cosley White Sulphur Sprs, WV 27195 Sizemore, D.F. Oscar, WV 17518 Sizemore, D.M. Sizemore, WV 14452 Sizemore, Daniel E Guin, AL 9508 Sizemore, Daniel H. Winfield, AL 12237 Sizemore, Daniel W. Sizemore, AL 21424 Sizemore, Debbie Baileyton, AL 12935 Sizemore, Del M Pineville, WV 21668 Sizemore, Edey Eva, AL 9103 Sizemore, Elizabeth Pineville, WV 18644 Sizemore, Elmay Laurel Springs, NC 5429 Sizemore, Ephraim 21666 Sizemore, Etta Holly Pond, AL 9513 Sizemore, Felia F. Cravens, OK 18654 Sizemore, Floyd White Sulphur Sprs, WV 10133 Sizemore, Frank Pineville, WV 12109 Sizemore, Frank L. Jared, WV 17154 Sizemore, Franklin Sizemore, WV 37626 Sizemore, Geo. E. Fargo, KY 12937 Sizemore, Geo. H. Pineville, WV 9511 Sizemore, Geo. J. Guinn, AL 2558 Sizemore, Geo. W. Guntersville, AL 22716 Sizemore, George Shardera, VA 15167 Sizemore, George W. Sizemore, WV 11743 Sizemore, George W. Hikman, WV 21667 Sizemore, George W. Baileyton, AL 37629 Sizemore, Grady Fargo, KY 17517 Sizemore, H. H. Sizemore, WV 7440 Sizemore, H. H. Sizemore, WV 9589 Sizemore, Harvey L. Greendale, WV 12684 Sizemore, Hiram Shraders, VA 10122 Sizemore, Hiram Estelle, WV 9590 Sizemore, Hiram Glen, WV 37630 Sizemore, Hiram Fargo, KY 10120 Sizemore, Isaac Pineville, WV 14661 Sizemore, James F. Crumpler, WV 28355 Sizemore, James H. East Bend, NC 18650 Sizemore, James O. Glen Jean WV 39009 Sizemore, James R. Yadkinville, NC 10115 Sizemore, Jessie Sizemore, WV 14457 Sizemore, Jno M. Beaverton, AL 39931 Sizemore, Jno. B. Eidson, TN 9509 Sizemore, Jno. F. Guinn, AL 9516 Sizemore, Joel H. 9512 Sizemore, Joel R. Guinn, AL 17505 Sizemore, Joel T. Lexington, OK 14469 Sizemore, Joel T. Guin, AL 9086 Sizemore, John Pineville, WV 32194 Sizemore, John H. Wilkesboro, NC 38413 Sizemore, John M. Northfork, WV 38630 Sizemore, John N. Yadkinville, NC 12104 Sizemore, John R. Pineville, WV 13005 Sizemore, John T. Jared, WV 18459 Sizemore, Lean White Sulphur Sprs, WV 15162 Sizemore, Lewis A. Estell, WV 18741 Sizemore, Lorence Algona, WV 21425 Sizemore, Luther S. Cullman, AK 39008 Sizemore, Manda J. Martin, NC 12235 Sizemore, Margaret C. Sizemore, AL 14468 Sizemore, Martha J. Guin, AL 14455 Sizemore, Martha L. Beaverton, AL 9094 Sizemore, Mary Pineville, WV 14466 Sizemore, Mary C. Guin, AL 38414 Sizemore, Maryann Northfork, WV 15165 Sizemore, Miles Sizemore, WV 14468 Sizemore, Mirtie A. Sizemore, AL 30514 Sizemore, Morgan D. Pilot, NC 39007 Sizemore, N. Eckenroe Martin, NC 12138 Sizemore, Nancy Jared,WV 17097 Sizemore, Naomi Jared, WV 4451 Sizemore, Ned 18655 Sizemore, Ned White Sulphur Sprs, WV 18739 Sizemore, Ned Algona, WV 21666 Sizemore, Otto Kelly Pond, AL 10131 Sizemore, Owen Pineville, WV 8049 Sizemore, Owen White Sulphur Sps., WV 18651 Sizemore, Phillip Mounthope, WV 10142 Sizemore, Phillip Pineville, WV 9591 Sizemore, Phillip S. Crosby, WV 17452 Sizemore, Polly Sizemore, WV 38270 Sizemore, Rachel Eidson, TN 12105 Sizemore, Richard Pineville, WV 21655 Sizemore, Richardson G. Columbus, KS 14461 Sizemore, Robt M. Beaverton, AL 12934 Sizemore, Rosa J. Pineville, WV 14467 Sizemore, Rozetta Guin, AL 21426 Sizemore, Rozie C. Baileyton, AL 14479 Sizemore, Rufus E. Beaverton, AL 17520 Sizemore, S. B. Sizemore, WV 18740 Sizemore, Samson Algona, WV 34232 Sizemore, Samuel B. Waverly, TN 8052 Sizemore, Seanie Glenpan, WV 27194 Sizemore, Shade Falling Spring, WV 38906 Sizemore, Stephen Fargo, KY 12485 Sizemore, T. F. Sizemore, OK 38269 Sizemore, T. P. Eidson, TN 17293 Sizemore, Theo. B. Beaverton, AL 9104 Sizemore, Theodore Pineville, WV 14477 Sizemore, Thomas Sizemore, WV 41775 Sizemore, Thomas E. Ridson, TN 39934 Sizemore, Thomas H. Rogersville, TN 2563 Sizemore, W.H. Decatur, AL 15164 Sizemore, W. L. Sizemore, WV 12940 Sizemore, W. T. Diana, WV 21669 Sizemore, Wade H. Eva, AL 38773 Sizemore, Washington J. Clay, WV 40091 Sizemore, Wiley Boonville, NC 39933 Sizemore, Wiley Rogersville, TN 41776 Sizemore, William A. Eidson, TN 38627 Sizemore, William A. Yadkinville, NC 10110 Sizemore, William S. Sizemore, WV 5429 Sizemore, William --627 Sizemore, Wm A. Yadkinville, NC 14473 Sizemore, Wm A. Beaverton, AL 14450 Sizemore, Wm T. Guin, AL 12236 Sizemore, Woods M. Winfield, AL 41553 Sizemore, Z .F. Diana, WV 12455 Sizemore, Z. T. Diana, WV 38414 Sizemore, Maryann Northfork, WV 38627 Sizemore, William A. Yadkinville, NC 38628 Sizemore, Alvis R. Yadkinville, NC 38630 Sizemore, John N. Yadkinville, NC 38773 Sizemore, Washington J. Clay, WV 38906 Sizemore, Stephen Fargo, KY 39007 Sizemore, N. Eckenroe Martin, NC 39008 Sizemore, Manda J. Martin, NC 39009 Sizemore, James R. Yadkinville, NC 39832 Sizemore, Charles D. Cravens, OK 18620 Sliger, Luvaney J. Bowen, CO ---71 Slugs, Isabelle Tip Top, VA 24777 Sluss, J. R. Tip Top, VA 24778 Sluss, Clovins Tip Top, VA 24779 Sluss, Reun A. Tip Top, VA 10248 Smith, Elijah Brier, WA 14763 Smith, Amanda C. Nima, KY 3826 Smith, Galdis Frontenac, KS 3827 Smith, Jess Frontenac, KS 3828 Smith, Helen Frontenac, KS 10248 Smith, Elijah Brier, WV 9101 Smith, Benj Pineville, WV 36055 Smith, Jas E. Rockview, WV 36615 Smith, Mary J. Johnson City, TN 38729 Smith, Alex R. Pond Gap, WV 38786 Smith, Lampses C. Wankins, VA 12052 Smith, Esther Pee, WV --47 Smiths, Pheby Kipling, VA 14758 Speaks, James W. Enterprise, ID 38756 Speaks, James W. Ironton, OH 38757 Speaks, Dolphus G. Ponds, KY 38758 Speaks, Walter E. Ironton, OH 6125 Spencer, Emer Sturqills, NC 9995 Spencer, Mattie NC 10004 Spencer, G. Frank NC 10005 Spencer, Joseph C. NC 10006 Spencer, Bessie NC 10007 Spencer, Robert A. NC 10008 Spencer, C. P. NC 10009 Spencer, Amie NC 10011 Spencer, Elizabeth NC 10017 Spencer, Solomon A. NC 10018 Spencer. Elisha B. NC 14730 Spencer, C. W. Rugby, VA 6125 Spencer, Emer Sturqills, NC 9995 Spencer, Mattie NC 10006 Spencer, Bessie NC 10007 Spencer, Robert A. NC 10008 Spencer, C. P. NC 10009 Spencer, Annie NC 10010 Spencer, Wiley T. NC 10017 Spencer, Solomon A. NC 10018 Spencer, Elisha B. NC 39010 Stallings, Tabitha C. East Bend, NC 39337 Stallings, John E. Yadkinville, NC 39010 Stallings, Tobitha C. East Bend, NC 40087 Stallings, Keeish Martin, NC 6165 Stamper, Maggie Grassy Creek, NC 10205 Stamper, James B. Shelbina, Mo 10214 Stamper, Sally McGrady, NC ---84 Stamper, James Springfield, NC ---85 Stamper, Arthur McGrady, NC 11070 Stamper, John L. Lodi, VA 10214 Stamper, Sally McGrady, NC 6165 Stamper, Maggie Grassey Creek, NC 8488 Stamper, Lodi, VA 8536 Stamper, Wille Grassy Creek, NC ---46 Stamper Gilmore H. Lodi, VA 9081 Stamper, Elihu V. Grassy Creek, NC 10214 Stamper, Sally Wilkesboro, NC 8488 Stamper, Mack Alleghany Co., NC 36936 Stamper, David M. Walls, NC 17294 Stanford, Mary J. Beaverton, AL 38271 Stapleton, W.T. Rogersville, TN 39342 Stapleton, Mariah Rogersville, TN 38964 Stapleton, Sarah Alum Well, TN 38965 Stapleton, Thomas P. Rogersville, TN 8448 Starlin, Polly Weasel, NC 37759 Starnes, Anna B. Morristown, TN 8540 Startin, Noah Preston Weasel, NC 8551 Starting, Wilberon Rusk, NC 8549 Startue, Rebeckey Weasel, NC 25833 Stedham, Susan Park, VA 38075 Stephenson, Misouria Germanton, NC 18646 Stevensen, Arah Webbers Falls, OK 98 Still, Clyde May Blackwood, VA 99 Still, Dorsia Lenore Blackwood, VA 100 Still, Carl Elisa Blackwood, VA ----2 Stingill, Charity Rugly, VA 40131 Stone, Adaline Brier, WV 4199 Stovall, Ida F. Lancaster, TX 11091 Stringer, Cora Geary, OK 11447 Strugill, Ellen Park, VA --15 Strutter, Lena Ashland, KY 6039 Stuart, W. A. Saltville, VA 6128 Stuart, Emma Grassy Creek, NC 6168 Stuart, Rutha J. Grimsley, NC 14815 Stuart, Minnie Grassy Creek, NC 14816 Stuart, Mitchell Silas Creek, NC 6039 Stuart, W. A. Saltville, VA 6039 Stuart, W. A. Saltville, VA 6128 Stuart, Emma Grassey Creek, NC 6168 Stuart, Rutha J. Grimsley, N.C .---- Stumbo, Richard Floyd County, KY 11422 Stump, Caroline Pittsburg, PA 9243 Stump, Sarah J. Weaversford, NC 9243 ½ Stump, Charles B. Atkins, VA 12518 Sturgeon, Annie E. Cassaway, WV 9068 Sturgill, Cynthia Crumpler, NC 9606 Sturgill, Dora 7 Mile Ford, VA 11067 Sturgill, Willey Asen, VA 3992 Sturgill, William E. Sturgill, NC 3772 Sturgill, James Victor Sturgill, NC 3773 Sturgill, Martha Sturgill, NC 6899 Sturgill, Mandy Asen, VA 9068 Sturgill, Cynthia Crumpler, NC 9606 Sturgill, Dora F. 7 Mile Ford, VA 31741 Sturgill, Byron Weasels, NC 5875 Sullivan, Rausa Musk, NC 5256 Sullivan, Bettie Lansing, NC 5192 Sullivan, Martha Nevada Kipli,VA 4882 Sullivan, Roby Park, VA 4315 Sullivan, Mary A Husk, NC 4316 Sullivan, Martha Husk, NC 4133 Sullivan, Callie Husk, NC 4134 Sullivan, William C. Husk, NC 3623 Sullivan, Margret Park, VA 4315 Sullivan, Mary A. Weasels, NC 5875 Sullivan, Rausa Weasels, NC 25138 Syrennia, Matney Hallsville, WV 43543 Sysemore, Thos. S. Holden, SC 9241 Tah-la-la, Will Birdtown, NC 9242 Tah-la-la, John Birdtown, NC 3466 Tally, Elizabeth Damascus, VA 25819 Talor, Andrew Park, VA 10201 Taylor, Eli Taylor Douglas, Ky 10204 Taylor, Jane Douglas, Ky 10206 Taylor, Martha Holston, Ga 14797 Taylor, Julia E. Gary, WV 11088 Taylor, Elen Park, VA 4545 Taylor, Nancy J. Damascus, VA 3755 Taylor, Mary N. Saltville, VA 3591 Taylor, Charles M. Saltville, VA 3589 Taylor, Sanders M. Saltville, VA 10201 Taylor, Eli Douglas, KY 10204 Taylor, Jane Douglas, KY 10206 Taylor, Martha Holston, GA 10138 Taylor, Nancy M. Pineville, WV 7700 Taylor, Baney Kipling, VA 7960 Taylor, John Floyd Crumpler, NC 8533 Taylor, Lettie G. Damascus, VA 25820 Taylor, Calvin Damascus, VA 25821 Taylor, Len Park, VA 25822 Taylor, James Park, VA 14673 Teeterman, Marthy Major, VA 11810 Testerman, Robert J. Major, Va 5524 Testerman, Lucy C. Jefferson, NC 14830 Thomas, Fannie A. Lodi, VA 9238 Thomas, Lillie Gladespring, VA 6040 Thompson, Samuel T. Saltville, VA 14670 Thompson, Sarah C. Jefferson, NC 6040 Thompson, Samuel T. Saltville, VA 5832 Thompson, Winifield M. Damascus, VA 5833 Thompson, Mimmie W. Damascus, VA 5835 Thompson, Erwin M. Damascus, VA 5740 Thompson, Calvin Glade Springs, VA 5741 Thompson, John H. Saltville, VA 5692 Thompson, William B. Saltville, VA 5693 Thompson, Andrew F. Saltville, VA 5149 Thompson, Elijah Weasel, NC 610 Thompson, Marcella Husk, NC 3613 Thompson, Wilson Pinckton, NC 8451 Thompson, Milley L. Grasses, Va 8531 Thompson, Wm F. Giotto, WV 8568 Thompson, Wm L. Weasel, NC 8569 Thompson, John Weasel, NC 7638 Thompson, George W. Wash Co, VA 37441 Thompson, F. M. Abington, VA 39962 Thompson, James M. Crandull, TN 6040 Thompson, Samuel T. Saltville, VA 12841 Tigue, Nancy O. Laurel Bloom, TN 10225 Tiller, Rosa Kimball, WV 9087 Tilley, Mary J. Pineville, WV 38066 Tilly, Emma P. Mt. Airy, N.C. 883 Titters, Mary Park, VA 39378 Tolliver, Rosina Estell, WV 41308 Tolliver, Susan Beckley, WV 21660 Toney, Levi Peru, Okla 44170 Totten, James F. Nettie Knob, NC 12053 Trautham, Ebbie Tepton, NC 91 Tray, Lydia C. Diana, WV 12717 Trent, Mary A. Lodia, VA 11076 Trent, Waitie E. Damascus, VA 17296 Trim, Emily Winfield, AL 14472 Trim, Amanda Beaverton, AL 11072 Trivett, Sarah S. Azen, VA 8453 Trivett, Fannie 7 Mile Ford, VA 14727 Tucker, Rosa Weasel, NC 14734 Tucker, Sidney Park, VA 12997 Tucker, John V. Weasel, NC 39577 Tucker, Vernie C. Park, VA 10107 Tucker, Malvina Park, VA 8523 Tucker, David J. Park, VA 25455 Tucker, Alfonso Park, VA 38994 Tucker, Maudie Park, VA 8554 Tuell, Cora L. Chelhowie, VA 25085 Twigg, Jennie B. Horsepen, VA 16565 Uhls, Roxie Glenorgan, VA 17288 Vance, Manda Covington, VA 8506 Vaughn, Letitia A. Moreland, KY 38629 Vestal, Louisa J. Yadkinville, NC 2904 Vestal, Nettie Yadkinville, NC 13990 Waddell, Lizzie Scottsville, NC 9287 Waddell, Emma Troutdale, VA 12998 Wagnor, Laura M. Weasel, NC 12263 Wagoner, John H. Halls Mills, NC 10223 Walker, H. C. Crumpler, WV 10224 Walker, N. N. C. Crumpler, WV 10228 Walker, L. M. O. Crumpler, WV 10235 Walker, N. C. C. Crumpler, WV 11813 Walker, Evelyn Oclagah, OK 10487 Walker, Della P. Ageria, WV 10228 Walker, L. N. C. Crumpler, WV 10235 Walker, N. O. C. Crumpler, WV 10124 Walker, J. W. C. Egina, WV 10125 Walker, C. O. C. Egina, WV 37107 Walker, Elijah Charleston, WV 10487 Walker, Della P. Egeria, WV 37106 Walker et al Enos. S. Legg, WV 37409 Wallace, Judith Ashland, KY 13889 Walls, J. C. Rock, WV 6894 Walls, Dorcy J. Green Cove, VA 6898 Walls, Bertha M. Green Cove, VA 7933 Walls, Matilda M. Effler, WV 18731 Walters, Mary City, NC 6853 Walton, Lockey Green Cove, VA 9055 Walton, Amanda Green Cove, VA 37627 Wampler, Rosella Fargo, KY 45831 Ward, Eliza Jane Vernon, AL 43904 Ward, Robert E. Lexington, OK 39097 Warden, Percy E. Yadkinville, NC -939 Ware, Wm G. Lodi, VA 43592 Ware, Sarah J. Diana, WV 6265 Warren, Nancy J. Rugly, VA 6265 Warren, Nancy J. Rugly, VA 8171 Warren, Columbus J. Volney, VA 22167 Warren, Reuben S. Abel, Al 22172 Warren, Major Ohatchee, Al 22173 Warren, Richard Ohatchee, Al 12052 Waters, Mary Southerland, TN 12056 Waters, James Southerland, TN 12057 Waters, A. G. Southerland, TN 11812 Waters, Henry L. Laurel Bloom, TN 3565 Waters, Henry C. Park, VA Waters, Gilpa T. Glade Springs, VA 7582 Waters, Wade M. Glade Springs, VA 8873 Waters, Wm H. Laurel Bloom, TN 2022 Watson, John A. Long Island, AL ----7 Watts, Emaline Eckman, WV 8580 Wayne, Mattie Trout Dale, VA 3829 Weare, Glenn Frontenac, KS 3830 Weare, Loyd Frontenac, KS 11270 Weaver, Abram Park, VA 5076 Weaver, Lillie Park, VA 3621 Weaver, J. F. Park, VA 3622 Weaver, Winfield F. Park, VA 3566 Weaver, Frankey Park, VA 22709 Weaver, Elisina Park, VA 37643 Weaver, M. C. Rugby,VA 17286 Webb, Lydia Covington, VA 25649 Webb, Viola C. Posey, WV 36207 Webb, Marcissus Posey, WV 7809 Weiss, Charles O. Cherokee, KS 8505 Wheeler, Susan C. Finnie, KY 36604 Wheeler, Rebecca Triplett, NC ---00 White, Ray Hinton, WV 5834 White, Rebecca Abington, VA ---- Whittaker, Mattie Yale, KY --947 Widener, Nancy J. Lodi, VA 11082 Widener, Mary E. Damascus, VA 11065 Widner, Robert W. Damascus, VA 2030 Wiggley, Sarah E. Coopland, AL 41195 Wiggley, Sarah Long Island, AL 9057 Wiles, Cora M. Grasey Creek, NC 12474 Williams, Nancy Laurel Springs, NC 12054 Williams, Melvin M. Zela, WV 12057 Williams, Elizabeth J. Pee, WV 12058 Williams, Michael I. Muclew, WV 2911 Williams, R. Grover Rutledge, TN 27163 Williams, Sarah J. Judytown, WV 5363 Willis, Florence Wann, OK 2906 Willis, Lilly F. Velney, VA 10123 Willis, Martha A. C. Egina, WV 39489 Winagee, Vina Lodi, VA 39490 Winagee, Lina Lodi, VA 5877 Wingler, Simia Park, VA 10111 Wiseman, Elizabeth Hallsville, WV —839 Witherspoon, Walter Park, VA 12185 Witherspoon, Ida Park, VA 12186 Witherspoon, Mary E. Park, VA 11820 Woodie, Leona Furches, NC 9514 Woods, Adeline Sulligent, AL 9515 Woods, Amanda Sulligent, AL 10519 Woods, Ben Holly Springs, VA 10520 Woods, Gradie Holly Springs, VA 11821 Woody, Rosina Furches, NC 3742 Woody, Rosa Apple Grove, NC 39098 Wooten, Eliza W. Yadkinville, NC 21041 Workman, Christina Pineville, WV 26227 Worley, Elsina Damascus, VA 17297 Wright, Margaret Beaverton, AL 17298 Wright, Nancy Beaverton, AL 11081 Wright, Martha A. Lodi, VA 4145 Wright, Nora Pittsburg, KS 4158 Wright, Darline Pittsburg, KS 4115 Wright, Robert Pittsburg, KS 4146 Wright, Ernest Pittsburg, KS 4147 Wright, Elsia May Pittsburg, KS 7298 Wright, Nancy Beaverton, AL 12179 Wyatt, David S. City, NC 8530 Wyatt, Sarah M. Park, VA 37976 Wyatt, Lake E. Pinoak, WV 6088 Yates, Jestin Y. Pulear, NC 11560 Yates, Lafayette F. Jefferson, NC 24808 Yates, Maggie Horsepen, VA 10231 Young, Martha Crumpler, WV 16411 Young, Elijah G. Fox, VA 14796 Young, Roby M. Fox, VA 5255 Young, John M. Grassy Creek, NC 5257 Young, William Lee Lansing, NC 5258 Young, Orlean Grassy Creek, NC 10231 Young, Martha Crumpler, WV 38563 Young, Sallie C. Buford, GA

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