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Flood damage to homes of Whitetop Citizens.

Dear Citizens of the Whitetop Tribe of Native Indians,

Your Council, Chief, and Cousins are concerned about the well-being of our members in East Kentucky. The Tribe has very limited assets, but we are trying to help connect you to any and all possible help.

If your home was damaged in the recent flooding event, please contact me at my Tribal email address,, or call me at the Tribal Office in Georgetown at 502.977.4411. (please leave a message, if I don't answer). Please leave your home 911 address (if you cannot stay at home), give the 911 address where you are staying, phone numbers to contact you, and your complete legal name. Let me know the extent of the damage with one of the following: minor, major, or destroyed, so that we can connect you to appropriate assistance.

Thank you, and stay safe.

Johnny Mills, Chief

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